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Sharon Roberts Bio

Sharon Roberts uses a blend of humor and anecdotes to energize her audience and to add relevance to her speeches and workshops.  Her message on Selling To Women & Couples has had a direct, immediate, and measurable impact on the profit performance of those who have implemented the principles she presents.  She has reached hundreds of thousands of people with her research-based message and has been a featured guest on CNN, Let’s Talk Business Radio, and numerous other mass media forums.  Her “At The Table” column is a regular feature in The ACHR News.  Sharon is president and founder of Selling To Women, a Texas-based affiliate of Roberts & Roberts Associates.  She has held positions with Xerox, Raytheon, and Lennox Industries.  In the latter she was responsible for training the national sales force, including the nationwide network of dealers and contractors.  Sharon is also the author and co-author of two books, including her path-breaking book on Selling to Women & Couples: Secrets of Selling in the New Millennium – a book that many companies have adopted as “required reading” for their sales force.  Her forthcoming book is titled Women Do Not Gossip, They Advertise.  Sharon is a graduate of the University of Texas where she earned a degree in business and public relations. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Dr. Lon Roberts.

Hear what those in the media have to say about Sharon . . .

"Roberts reinforces the theory with hard numbers."

- Irene Clepper in The News

"Her humor made people feel comfortable hearing about a subject as difficult as sex discrimination - and, specifically, how it can creep into the habits of salespeople."

- Diane Evans in The Beacon Journal

"I encourage contractors to put her book on your "must read" list. And, while you are at it, give it to your salespeople - male and female . . . . You can't afford to disregard its content. Honest."

- Mark Skaer in The News

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Phone: (972) 596-2956
E-mail: sharon@sellingtowomen.com

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