Selling To Women & Couples: Secrets to Supersizing Sales

This high-impact presentation shines a spotlight on the hidden opportunities and immense profits that can be reaped by tapping into the so-called “women’s market.” You will discover why the conventional wisdom of “treating everyone the same” is folly in a marketplace where 85% of all consumer purchases are made or directly influenced by women. This presentation is grounded in neurological research that demonstrates why women and men are “shop-o-logically” different. Sharon’s fascinating and humorous insights address serious issues that are important in an era when stereotypes and simple solutions are dangerous. She also explains how to avoid conflict and confusion when dealing with couples or mixed-gender teams in a sales setting. This presentation is one you hope your competition doesn't hear first.

Lessons in Leadership from Luminaries and Lunatics

Most companies are under-led and over-managed. But, the notion of what counts as effective leadership may surprise you. Who are the real leaders today? How do they think and act? There are profound, often humorous, lessons to be learned from luminaries – sometimes disguised as lunatics – to help steer companies into the turbulence and uncertainty of the age in which we live. In this entertaining and informative presentation, Sharon will challenge you to examine the conventional wisdom about leadership and what this means in practical terms to your business and your career. Learn from luminaries and lunatics alike how to be a powerful leader that inspires and fires passion in others.

We’ve Got To Talk: What You Need To Know About Brain-Sex

Over the course of a day women use an average of 25,000 words while men use a mere 13,000 words. But the difference doesn’t necessarily mean that men are talking less and listening more . . . or does it? In this engaging and humorous presentation, Sharon will vividly demonstrate what this means in practical terms in the workplace—how four key differences between men and women impacts managing, leading, team building, and customer relations. Sharon’s presentation draws on contemporary brain research, theories of social psychology, and humorous anecdotes. This presentation is packed with practical advice on enhancing communications between men and women in their business and personal relationships.

Embracing Change: Frighten Your Fear Away

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could give fear a dose of its own medicine . . . treat it to the same paralyzing terror it uses to keep you from achieving your full potential, that holds you back in ways you may not even be aware of. In this exciting and informative presentation, Sharon will challenge you to look at fear from a totally new perspective. Rather than traditional wisdom that focuses on overcoming your fears by ferreting out root causes or advising you to “just deal with it,” Sharon will demonstrate a solution-oriented approach to dealing with fear and putting it on the run by nurturing its natural enemies. Imagine the possibilities of living a fear-free life . . . how it would affect your career, your relationships, your sense of adventure and the choices you make in a life that is controlled by you rather than the fears you have fostered or those that have been foisted on you!

How to Keep From Becoming Roadkill On the Road to Success

The road to success is fraught with danger, excitement, and opportunity, yet most of us reach a mere fraction of our hidden potential. In this powerful presentation Sharon will guide you in answering some profound questions about yourself and the mind games that limit you from fulfilling your personal and professional goals. Sharon will show you how to apply the Ebenezer Scrooge process to change and blow the cover off the saboteurs that are lurking from within and without . . . exposing the reasons why you keep doing the things you don’t want to do. Rediscover the success patterns that brought you success in the first place . . . putting into action a repeatable process for revitalizing passion, power, and profit at home and at work.

Attitude & Image Problems = Profit & Loss Problems

Sixty-eight percent of customers who take their business elsewhere do so because of the indifferent attitude of an employee. In spite of spending thousands of dollars to acquire customers, many of them disappear. In today's fiercely competitive environment, companies cannot afford to ignore the reality that the competition is not their worst enemy. The hard facts are, the so-called "soft issues" are what drive customers away. Focusing on the bottom line does not address this profit-robbing problem. Sharon describes how to recognize the attitude and image problems that cause customers to leave. She also explains how to create a lasting, positive impression that keeps customers for life.

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